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We are now Fear-Free Certified

If your pet is terrified of visiting the vet, we may be able to help. We are now fear-free certified, which means we have developed proven ways to reduce or remove your pets anxiety triggers. They’ll be greeted with delicious treats…enjoy relaxing smells and hear calming music. Some anxious pets may need a little extra help like wearing a thundershirt or a mild pre-visit pharmaceutical. Whether their appointment is for an examination, vaccinations, surgery, boarding or grooming, our fear-free environment will be tailored to your specific pet. Galesburg Animal Hospital is taking the “pet” out of “petrified”. Call for your pet’s fear-free visit today.



Introducing…6 -in-1 protection in a Chewtreat!

Heartworm preventative and intestinal worm protection product choice can be confusing! If you have been our client for the last several years, you have noticed that our recommendations for that “just right product” have changed a few times.  

Heartgard Plus has been the “go to standard” for many years. Your pets have enjoyed the soft beef chewy treat every month while they are being protected against heartworms and two types of intestinal worms. When Trifexis came along, it offered protections against heartworms but also more type of intestinal worms, plus fleas and ticks! However, many dogs would develop an upset stomach and even vomit up the chewable tablet.  
Interceptor Plus or Sentinel Spectrum, both available in that coveted monthly soft chewtreat are the new products of choice on the shelves at Galesburg Animal Hospital this year. Interceptor Plus is less expensive but has no flea protection. Sentinel Spectrum, however does have partial protection against fleas because it sterilizes the flea so that it cannot lay nasty flea eggs all over your pet’s coat or your furniture and carpet. 6-in-1 protection means none of the following pesky parasites will harm your dog: heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms or fleas ( prevents flea eggs from hatching; it’s not an adulticide). An additional adulticide such as an inexpensive Capstar tablet or two can be kept on hand should you see a flea.  
We carry new products to kill fleas too. The introduction of Nexgard and Bravecto compliment the heartworm and intestinal worm preventatives and also come in a chewtreat. Bravecto offers 3 month flea and tick protection in one single chewtreat. It’s less expensive than Nexgard if you don’t mind the one-time upfront cost. Nexgard is a monthly chewtreat also protecting against fleas and ticks.  
You still have more choices even if the product you prefer is not on our shelves. Heartgard, Frontlne Plus, Trifexis and many others are available through our on-line pharmacy on our website!
Please remember, dogs should be tested for heartworms prior to use of any heartworm preventative.